What is a Clamp Meter?

Posted by HOLDPEAK on 26th Dec 2019

A clamp meter is an advanced variation of a regular multimeter with the major difference of a jaw-like structure on the top that allows contactless measurement of current and voltage.You can … read more

What is an anemometer used for?

Posted by Holdpeak on 25th Dec 2019

What does an anemometer measure?An anemometer can measure the total velocity magnitude, the velocity magnitude on a horizontal plane, or the velocity component in a particular direction.Types of anemo … read more

How do anemometers measure wind speed?

Posted by HoldPeak on 18th Dec 2019

When you hear weather forecasters warning of how fast the wind is going to blow, do you ever stop to think how they're going to measure it? Wind isn't something you can see very easily, so you can … read more

Why is an anemometer useful?

Posted by Matthews on 3rd Dec 2019

The benefits depend on how you use the Anemometer, including security, personal property protection, home improvement, property management, and making the most of your favorite recreational activities … read more

The application of the multimeter

Posted by HoldPeak on 11th Sep 2019

The Multimeters, also known as multiplex meters, multimeters, three-purpose meters, and multi-use meters, are indispensable measuring instruments for power electronics and other departments. G … read more