When and How to use infrared thermometer?

Posted by HoldPeak on 7th Nov 2020

Infrared thermometer offer speed and convenience, but what applications are best suited to infrared thermometer, and how can you be sure the readings are accurate? Our laser-focused tips wil … read more

How to Choice and Use Infrared Thermometer?

Posted by HoldPeak on 18th Mar 2020

HP-980B Human Body Infrared Thermometer 32~42℃(89 to107'F)Forehead Thermometer infrared thermometerForehead Thermometer is a Medical Grade Instant Digital Thermometer,1-second measurement, faster than … read more

How does a Lumen (Lux) Meter work?

Posted by HoldPeak on 7th Jan 2020

A light meter is used to measure the amount of light distributed over a particular area at a specified distance from the light source. The units that a light meter will measures in are either Lux, lum … read more


Posted by HoldPeak on 3rd Jan 2020

➤ CAN I CHECK MY GRILL TEMP WITH AN INFRARED THERMOMETER?Yes! However, if you aim an infrared thermometer at a porous surface like a grill or grate, it will factor in the surface temp of whatever … read more