HOLDPEAK Digital Anemometer Handheld Color Screen HP-8805-WM Wind Speed Meter for Altitude and hpa

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Product Overview

  • 【Multiple Measurement Functions】This digital wind speed meter can measure wind speed, wind cooling, temperature, humidity, dew point temperature, atmospheric pressure, and altitude. Wind speed range: 0.3 to 30 m / s, accuracy 0.1 dgts.
  • 【Industrial & Home Use】Measurement of industrial HVAC applications and appliances such as wind turbine generators, ventilators, air conditioners, computers. Check the wind speed before flying a ship, mountain climbing, or drone.
  • 【Multi-unit selection】When measuring wind speed, the air flow meter has five units: m / s, Km / h, ft / min, knots and MPH. Measurement temperature, atmospheric pressure, etc. can also be converted in units.
  • 【Atmospheric pressure data recording】Atmospheric pressure can be recorded once every two hours, and a total of 16 sets of data can be recorded. Unit conversion is also possible, inHg, hpambar.
  • 【Calibration Mode】This anemometer has a calibration mode that allows you to calibrate according to the local atmospheric pressure at that time to obtain more accurate measurement results.

Warranty Information

7 Days free refund, 15 Days free replace, 365 Days Warranty, Lifetime Tech-support.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review