HP-570C-APP Digital Clamp Meter with APP Control,4000 count

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  • HP-570C-APP Digital Clamp Meter with APP Control,4000 count
  • Digital Clamp Multimeter Connect with APP via Bluetooth
  • HP-570C-APP Digital Clamp Meter with APP Control,4000 count
  • HP-570C-APP Digital Clamp Meter with APP Control,4000 count
  • HP-570C-APP Digital Clamp Meter with APP Control,4000 count
  • HP-570C-APP Digital Clamp Meter with APP Control,4000 count
  • HP-570C-APP Digital Clamp Meter with APP Control,4000 count
  • HP-570C-APP Digital Clamp Meter with APP Control,4000 count
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a0df9334-8ce5-44b3-a457-be7cb37ca30a.-cr0-0-970-600-pt0-sx970-v1-.jpgPRODUCT DESCRIPTION

  • 【Wide Range Clamp Meter】With 4000 counts display, the clamp meter can measure DC/AC voltage;AC/DC current,Resistance,Capacitance,Temperature,Frequency,Diode Test. The clamp meter has manual/automatic ranging which can adjust the operation method according to your usage habits.The jaw size up to 1.77in/45mm to measure a cable which is thick enough
  • 【Safety & Over Load Protection】HP-570C-APP Clamp Meter is up to the standards of IEC1010 Double Insulation, Pollution Degree 2, Over voltage Category Ⅲ and overload protection. It will show "OL" on the LCD if over range.
  • 【Multi-Function Multimeter】With Data hold, LCD Backlight, Relative value,Continuity buzzer,Connect to Phone by APP. Through the Backlight function, you can measure in the darkness and read the data clearly by the large LCD screen.
  • 【Auto Connect To Your Phone Via Bluetooth】HP-570C-APP clamp multimeter come with APP Supported, you can connect to your smart phone via Bluetooth to monitor clamp meter measurement in real time. With this APP-Multimeter, you can transfer the data and analysis it in real time on your phone. The mobile APP can be installed on iPhone 4S iOS or Android 4.30 or higher.
  • 【What You Get?】Package includes 1*Clamp Meter,2* Test Lead,1* Temperature Probe, 1* Carrying Case and 1* Instruction Manual. HOLDPEAK come with lifetime technical support. If there is any product issues, please feel free to contact us! We will solve the problems quickly for you! Note:please press the REL key to clear the data before measuring.


  • Max Display: 4000
  • Battery Type: 9V (6F220)
  • Range Selection: Auto Ranging
  • Duty cycle: 0.1%~99.9%
  • Capacitance: 51.2nF~100uF
  • Frequency: 5.12Hz~5.12MHz (0.1%+5dgt)
  • Temperature: -20℃~1000℃ (-4℉~1832℉) (3%+2dgt)
  • AC Voltage: 4V/40V/400V (3.0%+10dgt)   /  750V (1.2%+3dgt)
  • DC Voltage: 400mV/4V/40V/400V (0.5%+2dgt)   /  1000V (0.8%+2dgt)
  • AC Current: 400A (3.0%+10dgt)   /  1000A (0~800: ±3.5%+10dgt; 800~1000: ±6.5%+10dgt)
  • DC Current: 200A (3.0%+10dgt)   /  1000A (0~800: ±3.5%+10dgt; 800~1000: ±6.5%+10dgt)
  • Resistance: 400Ω (1.0%+3dgt)    /  4kΩ/40kΩ/400kΩ/4MΩ (1.0%+2dgt)   /   40MΩ(1.5%+3dgt)


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18 Reviews

  • 5
    Seems accurate, app is a little basic but works.

    Posted by Justin W. on 27th Dec 2021

    Use it all the time in DC current mode. App is pretty basic but it does work. Seems as accurate as my current shunts.

  • 5
    Excelente producto

    Posted by Gustavo on 27th Dec 2021

    Me parece un excelente multimetro muy completo y satisface mis necesidades para el trabajo de medicion que tengo que ejercer diario. Pienso comprar al menos tres mas para mis compañeros de trabajo. Gracias por ser responsables y vender un producto de buena calidad

  • 5

    Posted by gustavo on 27th Dec 2021


  • 5
    Very Capable and Affordable. Get This.

    Posted by William on 27th Dec 2021

    I had an old GE mm, but couldn't resist this because I'm going to be doing a fairly large solar install in my RV soon, and as it's an older vehicle, always something to troubleshoot.. AC units, etc. This little unit offers a lot of capabilities for such an affordable one. True auto ranging is very nice, saves a bunch of dial options and reduces the chances of unplanned pyrotechnic events at the workbench.

  • 5
    Value for money!

    Posted by Conrad on 27th Dec 2021

    For those wanting an meter with remote reading capability, this perfect. While the range function is limited, otherwise it seems as accurate as my far more expensive Fluke. The clamp fits over almost all the wires found within range of anything that should be measured safe so the average user should not have any problem whatsoever. The Bluetooth pairing is automatic and the logging function is really a plus to detect random or intermittent faults. It feels very sturdy and for the price, I don't think it can be beat.

  • 5
    So far, so good

    Posted by Demastrie on 27th Dec 2021

    I was surprised at what a sturdy little device this was. I tested it out and it looked accurate enough. I have only owned it for a couple weeks, so I can't speak to durability. It was definitely easy to use. I care about tenths of a volt, not millivolts. Of course, if you're tweaking millivolts, you might pony up a few hundred bucks for a proper, calibrated bench meter. I comfortable recommending this to the casual home user. Certainly as good as the Harbor Freight meters...and cheaper.

  • 5
    Clamp means no cutting wire and bluetooth means long recording times

    Posted by No Name on 27th Dec 2021

    First thoughts:
    Love that there is a bag to contain everything.
    The leads are exactly what I need, they have a lot of exposed metal and it will make taking readings in plugs much easier.
    The device is heavy but I do not see that as a negative, it isn't too heavy for me it is more comforting that it won't just fall over.
    The rubber surround looks like it could take a nice knock without much issue.
    The temperature probe is quite handy, I am using it with solar panels so testing that the temperatures are okay is great.
    The bluetooth initially confused me as I thought I had to connect it myself but turns out it does it automatically! You literally just open the app, turn on the meter and it works within a few seconds. The delay is ms if anything, I was watching rapid changing numbers on the meter and phone. It wasn't even a second behind. The features in the app are amazing with the max, min, avg and the time. It's made taking readings much easier for me.

    Being a newbie I freaked out initially when I saw the DC voltage going all over the place, it's actually due to it being mV and it was picking up ambient electricity in the air. The auto section will just switch to V when you start reading something that is higher.

    The clamp No more needing to strip away to wire. I am using this with a solar panel setup, I have isolated positive and negative wires but I do not want to have open wires. This means just hanging it on one. I can then easily measure the current coming through. I left it hanging on one while I went inside. My phone was connected and I was able to take long readings which came up in the graph. This is changing how I approach my goals with going off grid.

  • 5
    Better than more expensive meters from same brand

    Posted by Matt on 27th Dec 2021

    Bought this to replace a more expensive blue and black flame Bluetooth meter from the same brand. While this one is significantly larger (which seems unnecessary) it has a MUCH better app.

    The more expensive model requires a sketchy Chinese account that you must use two devices to see up due to a glitch. Graphing is poor (100 amp scale for a 10 amp load, and the banana jacks are so tight the lead broke off in it.

    This meter while larger and clunkier works much better. The software doesn’t require a login, it just works. Interface is cleaner and it will adjust the range of the graph based on your load (so you can see small variations on a 10 amp load).

    For the money the meter is a excellent value. I just wish it wasn’t so big. It comes in a zipper pouch, but doesn’t fit in my tool box.

    Bluetooth option is a huge plus. It can be used for automotive testing (graphing battery voltage, checking amperage pulled by an amp, etc). It also comes in handy for building electrical work. I mostly use the clamp for AC, but do use the leads if I am trying to find the breaker for something.

    This is all using the iOS (iPhone) app. It may not apply to android users.

  • 5
    Bluetooth app works quite well

    Posted by chris thaxton on 27th Dec 2021

    Have been using this meter for 2 weeks. So far has been very good. Connection to phone with Bluetooth works very well and connects quickly. I have put this next to a true rms klein unit and readings/fluctuations are dead on with a unit costing well over triple the price. Haven't had a chance to really test the clamp feature as if yet. Will update review once I do.
    Graphing and data logging in the app is also a great feature that can not be found In any meter remotely close to this price point

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