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HP-866B Digital Anemometer,Handheld Wind Speed Meter


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  • 【Multifunction Pro Anemometer】Wind Speed, Wind Temperature, Wind Chill, Low battery indicator on bright backlit LCD screen. HP-866B is a portable wind speed guages can accurately measure wind speed in 5 units: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mph. Wind Temp in ℃/℉(Degree Celsius/Fahrenheit)
  • 【Accurate Wind Meter】Wind Speed Meter for measuring wind speed range 0.67~67.1 mph(+/- 5% of readings), Wind temperature -10~45℃,14℉-113℉(+/-2℃,35.6℉); Resolution 0.1m/s; 0.2℃. 2 temp sensors and 8 vanes makes the meter is very sensitive to measure very low air flows to help you with HVAC installation, CFM calculation, Duct vents.
  • 【Tripod Hole for Mounting】There’s a metal threaded hole on the bottom of the digital anemometer, so you can fix it on a tripod for continuous wind guages. To set your hands free when you fly drones, rc planes, wings, helicopters and quads, long distance shooting.
  • 【Anemometer Case Included】It's a light weight, pocket size Wind Gauge Meter, portable for you and your family to measure outside for outdoor activities, such as: shooting,Boat Sailing, Kite flying, Climbing, Drone driving etc.
  • 【Easy to Use 】Manual / Auto Power OFF optional, Back Light Screen to let you see clear even in dark. Add to Cart, Buy it, Use it, for any quality problems, we’ll replace you.


  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Wind Chill Indicator
  • Beaufort scale indicator
  • Auto shutdown after 5 minutes
  • With tripod hole for mounting
  • Read Max/Min/Average/ Current wind speed










  • During low wind speeds, there is virtually no noticeable wind chill.
  • When measuring, please make the wind blade perpendicular to the wind direction.
  • Due to different shipping channels, different batches of products may not contain batteries. 

Warranty Information

7 Days free refund, 15 Days free replace, 365 Days Warranty, Lifetime Tech-support.

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(26 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    A great (and much needed) tool for model aviation, at a great price.

    Posted by Mikel Berry on 6th Dec 2021

    An anemometer is essential to nearly any outdoor sporting activity. Especially those that involve RC aircraft. For any model pilot, we check the wind forecast before we set out for a day of flying. And, we periodically check wind conditions while we are out. This device takes the guesswork out of wind speed. This particular anemometer is a very professional grade machine, that can be hand held or tripod mounted (better for ground station operations). The built in thermometer warns of rapid temperature changes (indicating possible storm activity approaching). I like the back lit display for twilight flying. And, the carrying case is great for keeping the device safe from damage during storage and transport.

  • 5
    simple, reliable, accurate - a great little device

    Posted by Rhino on 6th Dec 2021

    I really like this device. It is really clear and simple to use. It seems to be very accurate and very responsive to changes in wind speed. I was using it to measure the exhaust speed of the air coming out of the exhaust pipe of one of our helicopters. I got good and consistent reading for the idle exhaust speed. I'm going to buy another one because I still want to measure the downwash velocity at no-lift and at hover.

  • 5
    Verified Purchase

    Posted by fplanglois on 18th Nov 2021

    Le premier appareil reçu s'est avéré défectueux. Il ne s'allumait tout simplement pas. Le vendeur a été ultra réactif. Le second fonctionne parfaitement. Ayant eu l'occasion de tester deux modèles identiques en même temps, ils donnent exactement les mêmes valeurs mesurées, ce qui est rassurant. Petite précision, la mesure max/min et avg (moyenne) ne peut se faire que sur une mesure. Autrement dit, on mesure la valeur max (ou min ou avg) sur un temps donné et non pas les 3 données en même temps. Dans les faits ce mode de fonctionnement est pratique. J'ai apprécié la housse et la dragonne fournie. En revanche comme vous pouvez le constater, la petite notice est truffée d'erreurs. Mais on s'en passe.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Oct 2020

    Excellent instrument.

  • 5
    Nice product for price.

    Posted by Davis on 1st Sep 2020

    Easy to use. Comes with everything you need to use. Very Happy with product.

  • 5
    Good to Go out of the Box

    Posted by Clark on 1st Sep 2020

    I have not had the opportunity to site test this unit yet but I received it on time and in an extremely efficient packaging ready to go after installing the 2 batteries that were included. The fan is very well balanced and sensitive to even the slightest breeze to the point where Wind speed and ground speed correlated exactly when compared with a GPS just walking. It comes with a nice case and easy to follow instructions. I have no doubt this unit will meet my requirements. Only improvement I might suggest would be a way to connect to a computer to input the data in real time. Next model.

  • 5

    Posted by Allen on 1st Sep 2020

    A very good device for hiking

  • 5
    Great Thing to Have

    Posted by Edward on 24th Aug 2020

    This is one of those neat things to have around. I originally bought this to measure the air speed coming out of the heating vents. It helped quantify how the sharp bend in the air duct was restricting the air flow. After the installer corrected that, I used it in setting the vents so the whole house heated evenly. It works perfectly and have not had any issues. Accurate. Fast delivery and comes with a zippered, padded case.

  • 5
    Great unit for the price

    Posted by George on 24th Aug 2020

    This is a great unit for the price! Not flimsy, and it seems pretty accurate. I drove around in my car at different speeds and this device was within 1 or 2 mph of the speedo, which is plenty good enough for my needs. And the case is better than I thought it was, instead of just flimsy material, it is somewhat sturdy, enough to hold it's shape when empty, and it provides some padding.